Why should I have total care?

360 Total care is a preventive dentistry application. It is a 360 project that we aim for our patients to live with healthy teeth for a lifetime and we recommend them to have it done once a year.

As 360 Oral and dental health polyclinic, our goal is to ensure the oral hygiene of our patients on the road we set out with the slogan of health starts from the mouth with the goal of community health, to prevent dental problems that may arise in the future by treating them at the beginning, to ensure that they lead a healthy, quality and painless life.

What does 360 Total care include?

For 360 check up, your panoramic x-ray is taken first.
360 total care includes the following procedures after detailed intraoral and extraoral oral examinations are performed by our physicians;

– Removal of stains on the tooth surface
– Tongue cleaning
– Removal of dental tartar
– Removal of inflammation in edematous tissues
– Flossing of the interfaces
– Polishing process
– Fluoride treatment
– Training on how to choose the right toothbrush and how to clean teeth
– Teeth whitening process
– Detection of other severe problems and planning the treatment process together with you.
– Determining the appointment for next year.

Will I feel any pain during total care?

In dentistry, no or minimal pain is felt because anesthesia is applied during the procedure.

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