What is a Tooth Gem?

In the most general terms, tooth gems are dental jewelry in which precious stones of various sizes are placed on your teeth properly by your dentist in the ways you want, .

It is done for aesthetic purposes. They are also special prosthesis options that can be worn daily in the form of prosthesis, prepared by taking personalized molds, with a wide range of designs.

How are tooth gems applied?

After the intraoral examination of our patients who want a tooth gem, the necessary treatments are performed before puting the gem. If there is any decay in the teeth where tooth gems will be applied, they are cleaned and necessary restorative procedures are performed. The gems are placed on the teeth that are made suitable for tooth gems, with a small bonding process.

Do I need to do anything extra if I have tooth gems?

Our patients who have dental crystals do not need to take any extra precautions in the mouth. Our patients who perform the necessary oral care can use dental crystals without any problems.

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