What is Zirconium Coating?

Zirconium veneer is the most used treatment method in the field of aesthetic dentistry in recent years with developing technologies. With this method, it is aimed to make the mouth and dental functions functional and to have an aesthetic smile for the patient at the same time.

Why Zirconium Veneers are Preferred?

The closest material to natural teeth is zirconium, its light transmittance is excellent and it provides a natural and aesthetic appearance. It is resistant to acidification, corrosion and has a solid structure.

I want to have Zirconium Veneer.
What kind of treatment process awaits me?

After your doctor decides whether it is functionally and aesthetically suitable for zirconium coating treatment, your treatment plan is made.

Under local anesthesia, your teeth are made suitable for zirconium crowns with maximum comfort, painless and painless, and your oral measurements are taken. Together with your dentist, you choose your dream tooth form and tooth color.

Your smile design is designed by our technicians in our clinic with digital methods and the production phase is entered using the latest technological devices.

In this process, you will continue your normal life with your temporary teeth. You will come to the rehearsals with the guidance of your dentist. After the rehearsal, you will have your perfect zirconium teeth.

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