What is Invisalign / Clear aligners?

Clear aligner treatment is a wire-free orthodontic treatment method applied to straighten the teeth by means of transparent aligners digitally made suitable for the patient’s teeth. The most important factor in the preference of this treatment is that it allows the treatment of crooked teeth without using braces.

What are the Privileges of Braces-Free Orthodontics / Clear aligners?

Transparent appliances consist of completely transparent plates. In this way, they are not visible from the outside. It is possible to wear and remove them at any time. Unlike metal braces, there is no aesthetic concern. It is a treatment method that solves all the problems experienced in bad breath, sinking of the wire in the palate, and tooth brushing. It does not affect your voice and speech. It allows your treatment to be completed faster. It can be applied at any age.

How should orthodontic care be?

The way of brushing: Tooth and gum diseases occur as a result of insufficient cleaning of bacterial plaque accumulated in the mouth. Your braces make it difficult to clean the bacterial plaque. Therefore, you should brush your teeth longer than usual. The recommended brushing time is 3 minutes at least 3 times a day. Remember that unhealthy teeth and gums will prevent your treatment from achieving results. Use the toothbrushes recommended by your dentist. Apply the toothbrush first to the gum area above the braces. The brushing pattern should be in circular motions.

Hold your brush so that the bristles are angled towards the wires. After brushing all your teeth from one end to the other, apply the toothbrush to the area below the braces. Again, hold your brush so that the bristles are angled towards the wires. Finally, brush the inner parts of your teeth in a circular motion in the same way. Apply all these procedures to your lower teeth.

Remember that when you do all these procedures, brushing will take at least 3 minutes. Attention should be paid to the food and drinks consumed: Acidic drinks (cola, soda, fruit soda, etc.) weaken the breaking resistance of the brackets and cause them to break. When your bracket breaks, your treatment will be interrupted and your treatment time will be prolonged. Acidic drinks can also cause tooth decay by accumulating around the bracket. Eating some hard fruits and vegetables by biting them directly can cause your brackets to break easily.

Therefore, all hard fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, plums and carrots should be sliced with a knife and the seeds should be removed. Hard crusted bread, nuts such as hazelnuts, peanuts, popcorn and similar foods are also unfavorable for braces.

Remember that your braces do not prevent you from eating anything. You just need to pay attention to the way you eat. Examinations should not be neglected: During your treatment, your doctor will need to see you at 4- to 6-week intervals and will schedule your appointments accordingly. Please do not disrupt the appointments given to you. Remember that procedures that are not performed on time will cause delays in your treatment.

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