Why is Sedation and General Anesthesia Applied?

It may not always be possible to perform dental treatments of children, disabled individuals or adults with severe fear and anxiety of dentists under clinical conditions. In these cases, all dental treatments can be performed in a single session under sedation or general anesthesia. The risk of injury that may occur due to sudden movements during dental treatment, especially in children with extreme anxiety, is completely eliminated under sedation or general anesthesia and the quality and success of the treatments increases. The person who is decided to have dental treatment under sedation or general anesthesia should definitely be examined by a general anesthesiologist before the procedure, the necessary blood tests should be evaluated and it should be checked whether there is any risk under anesthesia. The most important issue that parents should pay attention to when deciding to have their children’s dental treatment under anesthesia is that this treatment should be performed by a specialist dentist in fully equipped hospitals or centers.

Is there a risk associated with sedation?

Although sedation is a very safe treatment method, it also carries risks. The drugs used may cause an allergic reaction. In such cases, a specialized team can quickly and easily take the situation under control. Compared to general anesthesia, such a situation is less likely to occur with sedation.

Are there risks associated with general anesthesia?

The drugs used in general anesthesia completely block the nervous system. Therefore, general anesthesia must be administered by a specialist anesthesiologist and the patient must be monitored. Anesthesia is administered directly by opening the vein. Accordingly, the patient, whose nervous system is blocked, cannot breathe on his/her own, so after being put to sleep, a tube is inserted into the trachea and the patient is allowed to breathe through the monitor. At the end of the operation, the patient is woken up again with a wake-up drug.

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