What are removable dentures?

Complete dentures, also known as palatal dentures and total dentures, are dentures that fit on the palate in cases where there are no teeth in the mouth due to reasons such as implants as a result of caries, trauma and bone resorption. The dental prostheses applied help to keep the dental tissues healthy, to gain an aesthetic appearance and to fulfill the functions of the teeth completely.

Who can receive full dentures?

Full dentures can be applied to almost every patient in case of complete edentulism. It is deemed appropriate by your doctor if the person has no teeth in his/her mouth, is not allergic to foreign substances to be taken into the mouth, the jawbone is suitable for prosthesis standard measurements as a result of jaw radiology, and there is no excessive melting or deformation in the jawbone.

How many days does it take and how many times do I have to come back?

It takes about 10-15 days to fit the total denture, which is custom-made for the person’s mouth size, and during this period, the person needs to visit the dentist 4 to 5 times.

Is total denture easy to use?

Since these types of prostheses are removable prostheses, they are more difficult to use than other prostheses. It may differ depending on the amount of bone in the jaw. If the amount of bone is not sufficient, the denture may move while eating. In this case, special adhesives can be used for total dentures. Complete dentures can be easily inserted and removed, but unfortunately, the ease and comfort of chewing is not expected as much as with fixed dentures.

What are the challenges of a complete denture?

The first time a full denture is used, it can be difficult until the muscles of the cheek, palate and lips get used to it. Any bumps that may occur are removed by your dentist and your comfort is ensured. Afterwards, biting, cutting and grinding functions can be used comfortably. It is quite normal to feel unfamiliarity in the mouth and fullness in the lips and cheeks when first wearing a full denture.

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