What to Do to Have an Aesthetic Smile?

Aesthetic smileis one of the most important features a person should have on their face. For this reason, many people want an aesthetic smile. Thanks to aesthetic smile design, smiles will have a natural appearance and dental problems will be eliminated.

What is Aesthetic Smile Design?

Aesthetic smile design aims to beautify your smile with applications such as tooth shaping and lengthening, bridges, gum treatment, whitening and zirconia coating. Only a dentist can help you with this. As a result of the examination, the most suitable aesthetic smile design is made for the patients, taking into account the wishes and oral structure of the person.

Thanks to smile design, the missing teeth in people’s smiles are completed. With it, the size of the teeth becomes proportional and their color is whitened. The surface of the teeth and gums looks clean. Curvatures in the teeth are also corrected with aesthetic smile design. Corrective braces are recommended for disorders of the tooth and jaw structure. Thanks to orthodontic braces treatment, if there is a genetic defect in the jaw structure of the patients, this situation is also corrected.

How is Smile Design Done?

Multiple sessions are required to achieve a beautiful smile design. Aesthetic smile design

is not something that can be done in one day. It takes place in several different sessions. In order for a personalized plan to be implemented, it is necessary to undergo an examination by a dentist before aesthetic smile design. During this session, your doctor will closely examine the structure of your teeth and mouth. Problems in the mouth and teeth are then identified. The patient is then informed about the necessary treatments and the course of action to be followed. The first stage of smile design is the elimination of gum, tooth and oral health problems.

In addition, smile design provides many advantages in the long term. The biggest of these advantages is that it will prevent major problems in the future. After achieving oral and dental health, the necessary steps to achieve an aesthetic smile begin. These procedures include procedures such as dental veneers, gum aesthetics, dental aesthetics, tooth length adjustment.

Things to Consider During Hollywood Smile Design

Hollywood smile designIt provides an effective smile aesthetics and thus ensures that the teeth are proportional to each other and to the face. However, there are factors to be considered to ensure this.

  • The spacing between the teeth is sized according to the golden ratio,
  • No gaps between the teeth,
  • The gums become symmetrical,
  • Slightly spaced gums visible under the lips in the smiling position,
  • Optimal visibility of the teeth in the smile position,
  • Healthy and symmetrical teeth and gums,
  • Patients with Hollywood dental aesthetic treatment do not have any difficulty in speaking or eating.


The smile design, called Hollywood smile design, is a smile design that examines the condition of the patient’s lips and gums in detail. By examining the shape, size and position of the teeth in the mouth, the most suitable smile design is created for the person’s face.


While evoking Hollywood smiles, photography is extremely important for dentists. Dental photography takes pictures of both the tooth and the surrounding tissue. 3D or Hollywood aesthetic smile design It is very important that the measurements are accurate as well as providing accurate information to the dental laboratory. During the treatment, the patient is videotaped while talking and smiling to see the dynamic facial beauty and determine what can be done to the teeth for optimal facial beauty.


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