What are precision attachment dentures?

These are prostheses that fit into the slots prepared in the teeth and are popularly called ‘snap-in dentures’ because of the hidden retainers. In cases where there are many missing teeth and treatment cannot be performed with fixed prostheses, precision attachment dentures are applied. Preferred by people who do not want to have implants or bone augmentation, precision attachment dentures are removable prostheses made using veneers and special sensitive retainers attached to the teeth in the mouth.

Patients who are unable to chew because their palates have melted too much and their prostheses rotate in their mouths are fitted with precision attachment dentures with a “snap-in mechanism” after several implants are placed.

How many days does ıt take to make precision attachment dentures?

It takes about 10 to 15 days to fit a precision attachment dentures that is custom-made for the person’s mouth size, and during this period, the person needs to visit the dentist 4 to 5 times.

Are precision attachment (snap) dentures easy to use?

They are usually easy to use after one or two attempts. Precision attachment dentures have sensitive parts that fit into the slots prepared in the teeth, which must be taken into consideration when inserting and removing them. Prostheses that are very tight when first made are more comfortable to wear and remove over time.

How long can snap-in prosthesis be used?

The most important issue in this is related to the patient’s use and how you take care of yourself and your sensitivity. In general, it is a minimum of 5 years. This is because, like teeth, snap-in dentures wear and change over time. The fact that the tissues change slightly due to pressure allows the denture to be used during this period. However, depending on the cleanliness of the mouth, the cleanliness of the prosthesis and its correct use, the duration of use may increase or decrease.

Do precision attachment (snap) dentures give an aesthetic appearance?

They are definitely more aesthetic than hooked dentures. The parts that receive support from the teeth remain inside the prosthesis.

Can I Eat Comfortably with Precision Attachment (Snap-in) Dentures?

The use of precision attachment dentures can easily fulfill functions such as biting, cutting and chewing. This is because this type of prosthesis is made with the support of existing teeth and soft tissues.

Can the precision attachment dentures be moved while eating?

Precision attachment dentures have parts that fit into the socket that prevent them from moving while eating. Over time, the rubber bands may loosen, but this is not a major problem as the rubber bands can be easily replaced.

What should I pay attention to when using precision attachment dentures(click-fit)?

Insertion and removal should be done slowly and carefully, taking care not to damage the precision fittings. Ensure that the prosthesis fits snugly and then close the jaw. Do not try to insert the prosthesis by closing the jaw, as this may cause damage to the delicate attachments.

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